Planning a getaway or the wedding of your dreams should center on the actual event, not on the current Covid procedures in place. Of course you want your event to be safe and follow the rules, but the main purpose of your event should take center stage. Legacy at Oak Meadows understands this, as our message is to provide you with a breathtaking venue with differing options to give you the best experience possible.

What We Offer

Legacy at Oak Meadows is a spectacular, off the beaten path location where you can hold a beautiful wedding or function all in one location. We offer different options depending on your needs, anywhere from the bare basics of seating, food and drinks along with the use of the property, to utilizing our multiple barns, both open air and enclosed for small and large gatherings, complete with tables, chairs, games, golf cart transportation, land usage for photos, bathrooms, paved patio area and a full kitchen with stove, flat top grille, double oven, and refrigerator. Our rustic, waterfront property sets the mood for a stunning wedding, or the perfect getaway for a family reunion or private party.

Inclement Weather

Taking your chances on an outdoor venue for your wedding may seem like a gamble, but the rewards pay off when all the pieces come together and your day is nothing but sunshine and laughter. Having to plan your wedding months and months in advance can be scary, as who knows what the future will hold both for weather and restrictions due to Covid. But we strive to provide you the very best in your event experience, which is why we have a few options available depending on the day of the event.

If there is inclement weather and heavy rain is intruding on your event, we do have multiple barns to hold your gathering. The open air barn may become too cramped depending on the size of your party, but you have the option of renting a tent from a local vendor as well as upgrading to the enclosed barn to help keep you safe and dry (upgrade deadline is at least one week prior). Depending on the size of your guest list, we may be able to accommodate both the ceremony and reception in either of the barns to ensure everyone is comfortable no matter what is happening outside.

If you find yourself needing to reschedule due to military service of either you or your spouse, don’t worry, we will work with you! Let us know as soon as you hear of your or your spouse’s deployment, and we will reschedule for a new date later on that works for you. And if we can’t get a new date on the books, we offer a refund.

Covid Procedures

With varying Covid restrictions in place, it’s often difficult navigating when it may be alright to gather again in larger crowds. We know this is a highly unusual and difficult time to plan your wedding, so we understand when it may need to be changed or rescheduled, based on Volusia County, Florida’s mandates. Letting us know as soon as possible always helps, as it is our desire to only book one wedding a day, allowing plenty of wiggle room for rescheduling. We will work with you to find the next possible date that is a win win! If not, we will take into consideration the time and resources invested and offer a refund accordingly. The refund total will be calculated from the date of the contract, which may include administrative hours, consultation, etc. If you find that a reschedule may not be necessary, but simply some tweaks and adjustments to the event itself, we are more than happy to accommodate. If you booked the enclosed barn but it’s recommended to have an open-air setting, we have the barn for you and plenty of outdoors to ensure proper social distancing if necessary. We are a genuine agricultural farm, and with that comes a uniqueness that sets us apart from other venues!

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If you’re ready to book the wedding of your dreams, let Legacy at Oak Meadows be your destination. We offer fine amenities like a full kitchen, bathrooms and showers while also getting you back to nature in our waterfront, rustic location. Call us today!