Getting the perfect location for your wedding can be hard. You will need to choose a theme as it will help you decide where to set your wedding.

Among some of the most popular wedding themes in 2022, we have traditional, modern, bohemian, and rustic styles.

If you’re going for a simple, natural, rural, or outdoor wedding consider having a rustic wedding. It has a strong country and farm and ranch-like influence and it’s a bit rough and organic.

Rustic weddings are normally held in barns, farms, and ranches.

They have a warm and welcoming feeling and most of them are usually held on animal farms. If you fancy this wedding theme, but with a touch of elegance, reach us for a farm wedding venue in Florida.


Why Do Animal Lovers Prefer Us For A Rustic Wedding in Florida?

Legacy at Oak Meadows is leading the way for rustic farm weddings in Florida.  And one of the things that sets them apart is their exceptional chandeliers.   They are breathtaking and most are taken back when they walk inside the white barn. A perfect blend of rustic elegance!


Why a farm animal wedding is the perfect setting for you

A Fun And Relaxed Vibe

Rustic weddings are simple, laid-back, and are done in an outdoor atmosphere paired with earthy elements. This theme is very elegant without being overly formal or stuffy.

You can free your hair and you can change from heels to sneakers or boots for comfort, and that’s totally a fit here at Legacy Oak Meadows! Here, most brides don’t wear the usual artificial tiara, but rather, a floral crown. For this type of classy fun and relaxation contact us for a rustic wedding in Florida.

Be sure to experience a unique and memorable ceremony away from the hustles and bustles of ordinary life.


Have A Local Experience

Rustic weddings are not like your conventional church weddings that take place in an enclosed building. They are usually held anywhere with great outdoors such as the countryside.

The local experience simply means your wedding will be on a farm, mountain lodge, or ranch. These ranches often have animals like baby pigs and sheep that wedding participants can take pictures with. You can also expect a lot of mismatched elements in this wedding. There is a herd of miniature donkeys that call Legacy at Oak Meadows home.

As the decorations you may use a lot of natural elements such as fruit and wildflowers, wood, burlap table runners, and twines. Or you may choose crystal goblets, vintage lanterns and high end china!  Legacy at Oak Meadows offers many options and is the perfect venue to utilize your creativity. It offers an excellent palette to work with.

Choose a farm wedding venue in Florida if you want to exchange your vows in fields of wildflowers and grazing animals, or even under oaks and by the water.  Legacy offers these options and more!


Opportunity To Hold Everything in One Place

Some farm weddings venues offer full-service joints. You can have your ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, and your after-party all in one location.

We plan and arrange everything for you.

The cost of traveling from one place to another is cut if you choose to have a farm animal wedding. Plan less and save more with rustic wedding Florida.


Can Hold Many Guests

When you decide to wed at the farm you should expect to have more than enough space for your guests.

Events on the farm are normally held outside or under tents. There is no capacity restriction when having an outdoor wedding.


Offer On-Site Lodging

A farm animal wedding can have on-site lodging for newlyweds and their guests. This is helpful especially if you have guests that are traveling from far.

They can sleep in the lodging and attend the wedding without getting late. It also makes parting easier and you could even decide to have a full weekend event without any distraction.  This is part of the vision of Legacy at Oak Meadows.


Why Choose Legacy At Oak Meadows For Your Ranch Wedding Venue in Florida?

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