Are you looking for decor ideas for your boho wedding? You have come to the right place. 

A boho wedding can be very easy to pull off, mostly because the rules are so flexible, giving you a lot of room for imagination and creativity. 

But before you even start thinking of decor ideas, you need to have a venue. It can be pretty tasking trying to find a venue that properly fits your boho theme. 

Rustic venues are the most ideal if you want to bring your boho wedding vision to life. The rustic theme involves a lot of natural elements and greenery. And since nature inspires most boho wedding decor, then it makes sense to choose a rustic venue for your wedding.

There are several rustic venue options, but given the easy-going and casual nature of a boho wedding, a barn would make a perfect venue. The boho theme is all about creativity, and a barn gives you all the room you need to let your imagination run wild.  


Top Boho Barn Wedding Decor Trends

Here are a few boho wedding decor trends to help bring your vision to life. 


Burlap Boho extravaganza

Boho Wedding

Burlap is synonymous with both rustic and bohemian weddings. It can be used for almost any decoration. You can use it as a tablecloth or as a wrap for forks and knives. You can also use burlap ribbons to decorate chairs, the wedding arch, or the entire barn venue.

The advantage of using burlap is that it changes your whole wedding decor, giving it a more stylish and sophisticated look.


Mismatched  Boho decor

Boho Wedding

As I mentioned earlier, a boho theme allows you to run wild with your creativity, and using mismatched wedding decor is as creative as it gets. You can have glassware or vases that have different shapes, colors, and sizes, or you can have mismatched furniture, etc. 

But while mismatched decor allows you to achieve an effortless and organic vibe, make sure that you do not go overboard. You could end up missing the mark completely, and the result would be an uncoordinated and clumsy decor.


Geometric Boho Altar 

Boho Wedding

The altar is the most important part of a wedding. It is where you exchange vows with your loved one and where your life together as a couple begins. It is also the most photographed part of the wedding. So your altar needs to stand out.

And a geometric altar at a boho wedding would stand out, a simple wooden structure with minimal decor to emphasize the design. For example, you could use ferns and vines, bird feathers, lace, or crocheted cloth to keep it boho.


Wooden signage and table numbers

Boho Wedding

Not only do signs and table numbers provide your guests with information during the wedding, but they can also double up as decor. Wood fits nicely with a boho theme, which makes it very ideal for signs and table numbers.

Cut the wood in beautiful calligraphy to make it stand out. For that extra flair and a hint of rustic, pop the table numbers in milk cans or watering cans filled with flowers.



Ratan Boho Wedding

Rattan is a huge trend for boho weddings, and you should definitely include it in yours. There are so many ways you can incorporate rattan into your wedding decor. For instance, you can use rattan chairs for that groovy vibe. You could also have woven place settings and table accents.

Get even more creative and wow your guests with a rattan bar cart with woven shelves to serve cocktails. In short, you can focus on weaving natural textures into all your decor elements.  


Hanging Florals

Boho Hanging Florals Wedding

The bohemian theme is all about freedom and wildness. These are aspects that you should incorporate in everything part of the decor process. This is why the traditional wedding centerpieces just won’t cut it for a boho wedding. 

Instead, go for an overarching floral design with wildflowers. This technique is even more breathtaking if you incorporate pampas grass and greenery with the flowers. The result is an immense mass of stunning feathery florals. But be sure to keep the arrangements loose and natural for a more laid-back look synonymous with boho weddings.

You can also enlist the help of your florist to identify the flowers in season that will fit with your theme.


Bud vases

Bud Vases Boho Wedding

Instead of the large centerpieces for your tablescape, think single stem flowers in beautiful vases for each place setting. They are just as appealing as a single large centerpiece.

To add a rustic vibe, or if you are on a tight budget, you could swap the vases for jam jars or milk cans and wrap them with hessian and tie. You can even spray-paint them to match the theme colors for your wedding. 


Macrame lighting

Boho Lighting Wedding

Macrame is a common fabric associated with boho weddings, and you should also include it in yours. You can invest in macrame light fixtures to hang on the barn beams or along the walls for that relaxed and romantic setting.

To conclude, it is important to remember that a boho wedding is not supposed to be classic. The style and decor are supposed to be simple and effortless. 

And because there are no clear-cut rules, you do not have to worry about the conventions like big princess dresses and balloons. You only need to find your style, what works for you as a couple, and turn it into reality.

There is no better way to get the ball rolling on your boho wedding then to book your private tour to see our barn venue first hand.  You will be able to walk through and let your imagination run wild visioning your perfect boho themed wedding.

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