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So Much More Than a Venue!

Chad and Tera both come from an Agricultural background. Being fourth-generation farmers (5th if you include the fact their children help with the business), they bring experience in cattle ranching, raising hogs and growing cabbage & cut foliage; to butchering livestock for private consumption and rodeo. Married in their early twenties, Chad and Tera both worked in the agriculture industry, only to ultimately begin a business of their own, (known as Legacy Farms and Ornamentals, LLC) growing plant material, brokering, and selling to/ servicing the landscaping industry. They now own over 300 acres where they farm, grow and sell trees and shrubs, cut foliage, and cattle. In addition to their vocation, they have served their community through their local church. For the past 15 years, they have cared for children and families through various ministries such as hosting small groups, Children’s Ministries, Good News Club, and leading Youth group. And now, with a history and life submerged in agriculture, combined with their heart for the “nuclear family” and a burden for broken homes, they are excited to see the two “meet” through Legacy Farms and

Legacy at Oak Meadows!

Their Vision

To reach, impact and enrich the lives of people and families through farming/ agriculture, agritourism and ministry. Chad and Tera have thoughtfully invested their time and resources to see this vision become a reality. When you visit their facility, you will see their tree, shrub, and cattle farm (not to mention their small herd of miniature donkeys). And you will see a property that’s been carefully laid out to not only meet the needs of their current operation but to meet the needs of people and families through activities and events such as daily tours, educational meetings and gatherings, seasonal festivals, and special events! They continue to build their business and properties with this vision in mind. For the past few years, they have been overseeing a test plot of lavender. During that time they have installed a center pivot on acreage where they will be planting lavender and sunflowers for U-Pick. They also have plans for a corn maze and future fall and spring festivals. This part of the business will be tied to their white barn, where people can gather to be educated, as well as utilize their cut foliage in ceremonies and events.

Their Perspective

As Chad and Tera look back, they can see the huge role agriculture played in their lives and in molding who they are today. They can also see the huge role ministry has played in their lives, marriage, and family. If you ever hear their “story”, you would hear how years ago, when their marriage was in crisis, they intersected with people who cared for them and helped to restore their marriage and family through the community. It is through this process that they came to realize the importance of reaching out to others in need. If it had not been for people taking the time to invest in them, they probably would not be where they are today. As a result, Chad and Tera have committed their lives to helping and making themselves available to others. Their home and properties have been a place where people have gathered. They’re known to spend time with kids, taking them fishing and hunting, in an effort to care for their emotional and spiritual needs…and sometimes even more.

Healthy lives, marriages and families!

Chad and Tera dream of such an operation, where they can continue doing what they love….farming crops and people. Both need seeds planted, nourishment, maybe some pruning from time to time, and ongoing care in order to grow to become healthy and THRIVE. Knowing the impact of others who cared and reached out, making themselves available to them at such a crucial time in their lives, they now have this deep stirring to do the same. To pay it forward. When they dream, they see future events, workshops, seminars, and retreats on their land that will serve to build

Chad and Tera desire to help others’ intentionally build and leave a legacy of faith, family, and even farming, whether meeting them in “mid-life”, whether celebrating a milestone of their children, or whether in the very beginning when they say “I do”. A tree starts as a seed, but ultimately its’ health is based on how deep and nourished its’ roots are ….so it is with marriage, family, and….. our LEGACY.

They would LOVE to help others nurture, build or even BEGIN “their Legacy at Oak Meadows”.

Farm Tours

Interested in booking a farm tour? Give us a shout! From educational farm hayrides to feeding donkeys and fishing, we can assure you, you’ll enjoy your time with us here on the farm!!!​

Legacy & Agritourism

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