A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, at least for most people. It is the one day that you get to enjoy and have everyone’s attention on you. You want it to last forever, but you can’t. You, therefore, need beautiful photos to remind you of your big day.

Here are some ranch wedding ideas to make your day beautiful, assuring you of amazing photographs and memories!


List Of Ranch Wedding Decoration Ideas 

Hanging String Lights And Flowers

Nothing gives a more earthy and heavenly vibe than hanging string lights. The hanging lights go all around the venue, inside or outside. They look even better at the altar of the venue, where the vows are made. Every ranch-themed wedding needs these.

In a ranch wedding, you can also decorate by hanging flowers around the venue. The flowers hang freely on a string above, or you can hang them in rustic wicker flower pots. This brings in so much color and excitement in the entire venue.


Hay Bale Seats

A ranch-themed wedding gives a sense of being on a farm. Nothing speaks to this like hay bale seats. They work best in outdoor settings, where hay bales are arranged for guests to sit on.

Cover the hay bale with a runner or nice fleece blanket, along with an extra one to throw on if it gets chilly. It brings out that farmhouse, cozy, and chic look at the wedding.



Lanterns are so chic. If you have tables for your guests, use lanterns to take the rustic look to the next level. Place them on the table as centerpieces, leaving room for people to enjoy their meal.

This is one of many efficient ranch-style wedding ideas because the lanterns provide the most beautiful and romantic feel even in an evening reception. They work perfectly in afternoons and are helpful when the wedding continues into the evening.

You can even use the electric ones unaffected by the wind on chilly days.


Beautiful Greenery Centerpieces

What is a ranch wedding without a touch of nature? You can have beautiful green centerpieces made from real plants and flowers for a ranch-themed wedding. This not only brings out the beautiful chic and earthy theme, but the flowers fill the air with the fresh farm air.


Ceiling Drapings

Drapings are a classic when it comes to farm weddings. Drapings can be hung at the spot where the vows are exchanged, and all around the venue, both inside and outside. Ceiling drapings pair perfectly with hanging lights in a ranch-themed wedding.

The drapings also look amazing in the photo area or the gift post.


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