Having a hard time choosing the right season for your wedding? You are not alone. Many brides struggle with the decision because there are advantages and disadvantages associated with all four seasons.

But if you are here, it means you are probably considering spring as the best time for you to tie the knot. 

To help you fully decide on a spring wedding, we will give you answers to questions like why have a spring wedding? Is spring a good time to get married? What do you serve at a spring wedding? And what time should a spring wedding start?

We’ll also give you a few ideas on how to plan a perfect spring wedding without running your well dry. 

But first, 


Is spring a good time to get married?

Spring Barn Wedding

Spring Barn Wedding

There is no good or bad time to have a wedding. You can have your wedding in the winter, spring, summer, or fall, and it could be a complete success or failure, depending on how well you’ve planned yourself. 

So what makes springtime special? Why have a spring wedding as opposed to having one in the other seasons? Well, here are three compelling reasons:

  1. Spring is the season of rebirth, new beginnings. Since a wedding also represents the beginning of a new chapter in your life as a couple, then this is the perfect time for you to get married.
  2. Everything is springing back to life, gardens, flowers, you name it, which can serve as beautiful backdrops for your wedding pictures. 
  3. The temperature is very ideal during spring. It’s a perfect balance between the cold of winter and the intensely scorching summer sun. 


What do you serve at a spring wedding?

Spring Barn Wedding

Spring Barn Wedding

Your menu should embrace the season in every aspect, from appetizers to cocktails. A spring menu should be light and fresh. A healthy menu filled with fruits and veggies such as asparagus, rainbow carrots, avocados is more ideal during this season. 

Serve up the main course with dishes made using fresh herbs such as mint for flavor. An ideal protein to serve for the main course would be lamb with seasoned vegetables. 

The beverages should be refreshing. You could serve up signature cocktails with botanical infusions garnished with edible flowers or seasonal fruits. 


What time should a spring wedding start?

It is always advisable to start your wedding 2.5-3 hours before sunset. If sunset is at 7:30 pm, your ceremony should start at 4:30 pm, giving you time for a first look and incredible sunset photos. 


Spring color schemes

Spring Barn Wedding

Spring Barn Wedding

If you are looking for some inspiration for theme colors, here are some amazing spring color schemes to choose from. 

Fuchsia, gold, and turquoise

If you want to break away from the norm, this color scheme is the way to go. Fuchsia is a classic traditional color. Pair it with gold and turquoise, and you’ve got the perfect spring combination.

Blue and grey

These two are such versatile colors. There are so many themes you can create with them, like a tropical paradise theme, ice castle theme, and so on. Make these colors pop out more by pairing them with colors like orange, green, deep red, etc. 

Yellow and blue

This color combo celebrates all the beauty of spring while building the perfect anticipation for the coming season, summer. 

Different shades of pink

Spring is the perfect time to let your love for pink shine. Instead of wasting time choosing different colors for the palette, go with varying shades of pink.


Outdoor wedding ideas for spring

Spring Barn Wedding

Spring Wedding Favors

There is nothing as stunning as an outdoor spring wedding, thanks to the beautiful flowers and gardens blooming everywhere. 

Here are some affordable outdoor wedding ideas for spring.

Hanging plants – minimize the cost by hanging potted plants on the trees around your reception area. 

Botanical garden – make your venue stand out by transforming it into a botanical garden using hanging garlands, tropical greens, and even overhead lighting to add a touch of class.

Wood Wedding Signsinstall a wooden wedding sign at the entrance to direct the guests on where the reception is or where the photo booth is, etc.

Seed favors – these are a great way to celebrate the season without spending too much money. Your guests can use the seeds to start their garden. 

Fake flowers – flowers, lots and lots of them, can transform an average venue into a spectacular one. But fresh flowers are also quite costly. Consider mixing the fresh ones with artificial ones.


If you dislike the idea of fake flowers, there are several affordable flower arrangements you can opt for. 


Affordable flower arrangements

Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring Wedding Flowers

Use hydrangeas and tulips – these are synonymous with spring and are also easy on your pockets. 

Use wildflowers and mason jars – your wedding is in the spring, and wildflowers are sprouting everywhere. Handpick some of these and use them to make bouquets, or put them in mason jars to create beautiful centerpieces. 

Multitasking flower pieces – create flower arrangements that serve multiple purposes, such as doubling as favors or escort cards. 


Wedding centerpieces on a budget

Spring Table Decor

Spring Table Decor

Alternative centerpieces – Centerpieces do not have to be flowers. Here are some ideas for affordable alternative centerpieces.

Spray-painted bottles make beautiful centerpieces without needing too many flowers. 

Use tabletop lanterns paired with a few flowers as decor to make a statement. 

Fruits also make for the perfect centerpieces. You can use berries, oranges, or even grapes and display them in a bowl or a crate. 

Garlands arranged properly down the center of your tables make for simple and classy decor. Add a bloom or two for that extra touch of style. 


In conclusion, when planning a spring wedding, you can let your imagination run wild. From amazing centerpieces to beautiful color schemes and incredible outdoor wedding ideas, you have the perfect recipe to create a fantastic spring wedding that you and your guests will remember for a long time. 

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