Make your dream wedding come to life this summer in the location of your dreams. Summer weddings
are fun and almost the perfect time to tie the knot. With longer days, excellent
weather, and vibrant colors, you and your guests have enough time to have a fun and memorable

The location of your summer wedding is crucial to the success of your wedding. The ambiance
and scenery have a lot to do with the pictures and overall aesthetics of your wedding. Thankfully,
we have the perfect location that would check all the boxes for the perfect summer wedding.

Our Beautiful Property

Legacy at Oak Meadows is a gorgeous venue that is an excellent choice for different summer
wedding themes. Although it gives off a rustic charm, with the right wedding planner, you can
customize this venue to suit your preferred theme.

You can discover the Legacy at Oak Meadows, a waterfront venue snuggled within the hills in
Florida and adorned with a vibrant spacious property line, home of our iconic White Barn.

There’s so much you can do with the decor to make your wedding romantic and memorable.
Imagine utilizing our beautiful shaded outdoor ceremony location. This space has unique bench
seating under shade that can accommodate up to two hundred guests and it’s located just outside
the bridal bungalow. Since the bridal bungalow is air-conditioned, you and your bridal party do
not have to worry about the heat all day, and can get ready in comfort.

Even though the temperatures can get high, sometimes the rain can be unpredictable. Legacy at
the Oak Meadows offers rain-out choices that can shield you and your guests from an unexpected

Our Iconic White Barn can be easily utilized as both a ceremony location as well as a reception
location. It is air conditioned so that guests can remain comfortable and enjoy the festivities. Our
Barn also has a loft area for the Groom and his groomsmen to get ready as well.

If you are still adamant amongst the rain to continue the outdoor ceremony, our spacious open air
barn gives a beautiful water backdrop and can be dressed to fit the part.

Why Choose Us

  • We Are The Most Creative Venue- We bring unique features to the table in layout,
    amenities, and excursions for the bride and groom! Because we want the best for you, we
    put love and careful thought into every action and design.
  • Attention To Detail- Our attention to detail is second to none! With creative visions, we
    designed the layout of our wedding venue. As a result, you can be sure that your wedding
    will have an exciting flow.
  • Amenities That Offer Value- Our venues are designed to meet your specific needs. Our
    amenities offer a bridal bungalow, an ice house for cocktail stands and concessions,
    ceremony sites, an air conditioned white barn, and more.

Constantly, we keep working to give clients the best experience. We promise you an exciting
event center and an incredible experience that will last a lifetime.

Contact Us

Would you love to have a gorgeous summer wedding? Legacy at Oak Meadows will infuse in
you and your guests a long-lasting experience! Irrespective of what summer may throw at you,
we have made all plans to save the day. Want to know how we work or need further
information? Contact us today