After running our venue for a few years we have been able to see so many different types of weddings.  More importantly we have been able to pick up on a few wedding mistakes we see some brides make that affect the overall experience.

When it comes to your wedding where you have one shot at this you want to make sure you are minimizing as many wedding mistakes as you can.

In effort to help you have your dream Florida barn wedding we wanted to share the common wedding mistakes we have seen and make sure you don’t repeat them.


Wedding Mistakes: Procrastinating on Booking Your Venue Or Vendors


Wedding Mistakes


This is a huge one that we have unfortunately had to tell a few couples that their date is already spoken for.  Don’t let that be you!

There are only so many days in the year and even less weekends, so thinking you can hold off on making important decisions will affect you getting your ideal location or vendors.

First thing first, at least secure your venue! This makes sure you have a date locked in that you now can tell your other vendors.  Doesn’t do you any good reaching out to a caterer if you can’t tell them exactly where and when.  

For Legacy at Oak Meadows we are already booking into 2023 and have inquires for 2024 to give you some perspective on this.  So, don’t wait with the major bookings like the venue, catering, and photography.


Wedding Mistakes: Making Assumptions On Guest Count


Wedding Mistakes


This is a mistake that can lead to a lot of unwanted stress the day of the wedding.  You can have way more people show up than expected that can throw off everything from ceremony seating, reception seating and of course the catering. 

It is also a mistake that is easily avoidable by making sure you receive all the RSVP’s and checking in with the ones that you don’t hear from.  We all have those family members that just don’t respond to anything. 

So don’t leave this important number to chance.  It will save you so much stress and keep your vendors happy with you as well.


Wedding Mistakes: Not Having An Unplugged Ceremony 


Wedding Mistakes


When it comes to wedding mistakes this is the one that will haunt you for years to come.  Every time you look back at your ceremony photos (taken by the photographer you hired) and see Aunt Lisa blocking everyone’s view to get the “perfect picture” you will be reminded how you should have made it unplugged. 

It is a simple request that not only allows you to have better photos taken, but it really keeps everyone there in the moment.  After all the ceremony is the reason they are there so let’s make sure they are present.

It will also make your photographer’s job so much easier.  A happy photographer means better photos.


Wedding Mistakes: Not Basing Your Timeline Around The Sun


Wedding Mistakes


Another mistake that is easily overlooked! To add to that you need to plan it around the sun based on the season your wedding will be in.


For example if you are having a January wedding it doesn’t make sense to have the ceremony starting at 5pm and still expect to be able to get sunset photos done.


Make sure your wedding doesn’t feel rushed and plan accordingly with the sunset and the time of year.


Wedding Mistakes:  Thinking DIY Is Always Cheaper


Wedding Mistakes


In many cases brides surpass their budget trying to do it all DIY.  There are so many factors to take into consideration when it comes to providing the decorations for your wedding.


You have to factor in the cost of what you are buying, the travel time to go from store to store, the gas expense, the time it takes to create the decorations, setting them up and of course taking them down.


When you add all that up more than not just paying for decor is the most cost and time effective option.  Not to mention what are you going to do with all the decorations after?  Most of it will never be used again.


We work with an amazing decor team over at Making It Matthews along with the decor items we include for our couples.


Wedding Mistakes: Not Hiring A Vendor Dream Team


Wedding Mistakes


There are just certain vendors you don’t want to settle for.  When it comes to vendors like your photography or videography they have one shot to get it right.  So, you want to make sure you are working with professionals.


You can’t “redo” your first dance or every other special moment.  Professional vendors also know how to work really well with each other.  It will feel like they are all one big team.  Which means a flawless wedding for you. 


In Closing


These are a few of the top wedding mistakes we see couples make and often regret.  The good news is all of these are easily avoidable. 


At Legacy at Oak Meadows we care about your whole wedding experience which is why we provide many benefits to our packages that address these mistakes.  Or we work with vendors that are top professionals we trust to deliver a world class experience.


If having a venue that is picturesque, supportive and deeply cares about the beauty of marriage than Legacy at Oak Meadows is your fit.


We know once you set foot on our property you will experience the “this is it” feeling all our couples do.


Go ahead and click below to access our price sheet.  Then we will be in touch to set up your private venue tour.


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