Planning your upcoming wedding can be invigorating, exciting and stressful all at once! You want it to be the most magical day of your life, so of course you want everything as perfect as possible. One item on your list that may get easily overlooked is proper venue lighting for photography. You obviously want beautiful and breathtaking pictures to capture your amazing ceremony and reception, but poor lighting can dramatically affect the outcome. Legacy at Oak Meadows knows how special your big day can be, offering the perfect setting in our white barn for the most stunning and wondrous photographs. 


The White Barn

Our majestic white barn is the striking location you’ve dreamed of for your wedding. With natural lighting throughout, it produces the best wedding photos around. There are chandeliers inside as well, offering a warm glow as the day wanes and turns to night. The large and expansive barn includes a caterer’s room, a bar, restrooms, and a shiny dance floor. You’ll get outstanding photos of everyone dancing the night away, and the barn includes climate control so everyone will be working on their dance moves. With over 7,000 square feet available in the white barn, there’s plenty of room for your guests to relax and catch up, along with getting all the right angles and lighting for all your wedding photos. Whether you have a professional photographer on hand for your big day or a friend who’s also part photography aficionado, you can’t go wrong with the lighting inside of the white barn. 


Outdoor Photographs

In addition to our beautiful indoor spaces, we also have a large expanse of land perfect for your wedding day shots. Before, during and after the ceremony, you’ll find many lush and green locations to pick for some fine pictures, to include our Magnolia field. From our lavish swingset to our rustic truck, there’s an immaculate and spectacular area for your personal wedding pictures. We even have a gorgeous dock right on the water for a shiny, clear reflection behind your beautiful dress. As nightfall approaches, there are still plenty of places onsite to continue capturing the precious moments of the reception and beyond. 


Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Depending on who you choose to take your wedding pictures, there will still be some planning on your end to ensure stunning photos throughout. Visiting your wedding locations during the time of your ceremony will help you see exactly the lighting you will get the day of. And coming around the evening will also let you see the areas that will need additional lighting to ensure the area will be light enough for traffic and for photos. If you chose a professional photographer, they will most likely bring some lighting equipment to accent any areas that may need it. Make sure there is nothing fluorescent in their lighting, as this can have an unnatural effect on some skin tones and not produce quality lighting. If you’re enlisting a friend to help with photos, chances are you’ll need to make sure areas are well-lit before the actual big day. Asking your venue about accessible plugs and outlets and how much wattage you may need can help you avoid blowing a fuse or worse. If your wedding is taking place outside, you’ll mostly be concerned with night lighting as the day will typically be sunny and well lit. No matter your venue, the day will be gorgeous and filled with joy and love. 


Contact Us

Are you planning your wedding and want to take advantage of the outdoors as well? Forget the worry about venue lighting for your photography and hold your wedding at Legacy at Oak Meadows. Our extraordinary white barn has the breathtaking views and lighting your wedding needs, as well as our outdoor areas. From rolling hills to clear waters, Legacy at Oak Meadows has everything your wedding desires! Call us today!