Just simply start by doing a search on Google about booking a Florida Barn Wedding Venue, and you will have more results pop up then you can handle. This goes to show how popular the trend of having a rustic wedding in Florida is. However, if there’s one thing running a Florida Barn Wedding Venue has taught me is that couples don’t exactly know what to consider when looking for a venue.

I’ve been asked questions like, “So how does this work?” “What should I consider first?” All these questions are valid, no doubt. But, you need to consider things like “Are there sound ordinance restrictions?”, “Are the temperature control systems working?”, “Can this handle my guest list?” “ and others. Once you’ve found out if the Florida Barn Wedding Venue has basic amenities, then your ceremony will go down without a hitch. Here are things you need to consider when picking a Florida barn wedding.       

Will the barn size meet your needs? 

You need to know if the barn or facility can accommodate your guest’s list. This should be the first question you ask when you check for a venue online or physically. I always let new couples know the barn size of Legacy at Oak Meadows barn and let them know if it can hold their wedding guests. Our wedding venue can fit up to 250+ in the white barn, and the open-air pavilion fits 150. You can be certain your guests will have plenty of room for them to move around and feel comfortable.

Parking is another huge consideration that often is an afterthought. Legacy at Oak Meadows has enough parking space for all your guests with parking attendants to ensure easy access for guests without the stress or confusion. Along with the parking, what are the actual grounds like?  Is there usable space to enhance your wedding experience?  With the abundance of space at Legacy at Oak Meadows barn, you can set up photo booths, lawn games, mobile bar carts and other fun activities outside for adults and children.


Peirson, Florida Barn Wedding Venue


Is everything on-site?

A Florida barn wedding venue that offers you everything you will need on site is very rare. Most of the venues have a bridal suite but no place for the groom. Seeing as your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, Legacy at Oak Meadows wedding venue tries to make everything stress-free. We have a bridal suite, groom’s loft, multiple ceremony/reception locations as well as beautiful places for photos. Everything you need to make your wedding run smoothly is on-site. There is zero stress of moving to different locations or having to sacrifice.  Legacy at Oak Meadows is set up to make sure you have a complete wedding experience from start to finish.      


Peirson, Florida Barn Wedding Venue                                             

Do they have basic amenities?   

There are several basic amenities like electric services and outlets, bathrooms, clean water, AC, and so on that a wedding venue should have. You need to ask if your preferred barn wedding venue has any or all of these. Some barn venues are more of a roughing it experience then others. Legacy at Oak Meadows wedding Barn is not that venue, we have all of these and more. 

We considered the additional cost of renting everything and decided to make most of these amenities part of your booking. Other amenities available at Legacy at Oak Meadows wedding venue are Bridal Bungalow, Ceremony Site, an Ice House that can double as a concession/cocktail stand, “Gather” Summer Kitchen with 2 full restrooms and fire pit (and more), chic daybed, open-air “Sawgrass Barn” on the water (clear spring-fed pond) and our climate-controlled White Barn! Not to mention our NUMEROUS picturesque photo ops!



You will also save on rental fees! As stated earlier, we want to help you have the best wedding while keeping everything within your budget. So, at Legacy at Oak Meadows wedding venue, we provide:

  • Handcrafted tables and chairs.
  • Extra sitting area furniture.
  • Cocktail tables.
  • Table greenery.
  • And some decor keeping your rental expenses down. 


Here’s my advice to every newly wedded couple. If any of the items discussed above aren’t included in a barn wedding venue rental package, then you will need to get them on site. And, that’s not a cost-efficient option, nor is it easy to handle all of those vendors. So, rather than going for a venue with the lowest price and that does not include any of the amenities above, you should go for a barn that is well-equipped with all or at least many of them. 

Don’t fret! It can be overwhelming at first looking at the options, so just breathe and enjoy the process. Then book a tour of Legacy at Oak Meadows wedding venue. I will be there to walk with you through the whole process and show you why we are the best Florida barn wedding venue.  I know you will be at ease as soon as you and your fiance walk into the barn and feel at home here.

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