Planning a Florida barn wedding? In need of some decor inspiration? We pulled out some of the popular boho decor items provided by Making It Matthews to give you all the boho inspiration that you need!


You might have chosen barns as a wedding venue as it has a comfortable country feel away from the busy, stressful city. You may love the location, but it brings up some concerns: like how to make it feel intimate?


Now, this is something a boho decor can help you achieve. When it comes to bohemian, elegant, and classic barn weddings, the goal with decorations is to create a magical, memorable and intimate atmosphere for you and your guests. 


Decorating for a barn wedding can be a fun challenge when done right. The most important things to remember when decorating for this type of wedding is to stick with earthy colors, natural materials, and rustic decor. Minimalism goes well with this look as well. 


Here is a guide to popular boho decorations for barn weddings in Florida. You’ll learn everything from tips on centerpieces and seating arrangements to ways you can incorporate a rustic-meets-modern theme into your big day, all while still fitting in with the look and feel of your venue.


Boho Ceremony Arches


Boho Decor


A ceremony arch is a must-have for a boho wedding in Florida or any wedding in general. Its purpose is to add an outdoor feel and a sense of scale. It’s a great way to transition guests from the ceremony space and outside it. You can choose any shape for your ceremony arch, but the most popular is the tunnel arch.


These also make beautiful backdrops and borders for photos. For a boho-themed wedding in a barn, you can decorate it with colorful dried flowers, hanging fronds, drapings, and greenery to add a rustic yet sophisticated look.


Boho Aisle Accents


Boho Decor

Decor In Image Owned By Making It Matthews


Aisle decorations are a great way to add a boho feel to your barn wedding in Florida. You can use everything from flower garlands to antique boxes, pails, and buckets to create a rustic aisle look. Simple white or natural colored flowers are best, as bright neon colors can clash with the organza and palm trees. You can also use hanging lanterns, fairy lights, and lanterns to create a boho wedding in Florida. Floral bouquets are also a great choice, as they add a soft, feminine touch to the space.


You can also add color and personality to your aisle by lining it with flower petals, MORE dried flowers, candles, hanging lanterns, and string lights. It’s all about making a unique statement with your decor style.


Boho Centerpieces


Boho Decor

Decor In Image Owned By Making It Matthews


Your centerpieces will be on display during the reception, so include some of the same rustic flairs that you incorporated into the ceremony in them too! Use glass vases filled with colorful flowers as your base, and then use playful accents like pinecones or berries to give that perfect boho touch.


 Most people think that just flowers or candles are the way to go, but those are no good if you’re looking for an unconventional barn wedding in Florida. Instead, consider creating a centerpiece of pottery or vintage books. Also, make sure it’s something that can be easily moved around so guests can interact with it throughout the night.


Boho Fun Seating


Boho Decor

Decor In Image Owned By Making It Matthews


Who says seating areas have to be boring? 


Having fun seating areas around your venue will encourage guests to take photos and hang out together. Most people create seating areas out of anything—a picnic blanket draped over an open chest of drawers makes a chic seating spot right by the dance floor. 


BUT, this should also prioritize their comfort. If you think making guests sit on the floor would be a no-go as most will arrive wearing clothes that will make that difficult, then here’s a perfect alternative: rattan furniture with neutral-colored pillows.


Boho Sweetheart tables


Boho Decor

Decor In Image Provided By Making It Matthews


How do you choose the right sweetheart table for your Florida barn wedding? 


The sweetheart table is a central focus because it’s where you and your beloved will spend most of the reception. You’ll want it to match your rustic-themed decor but still feel elegant enough that it doesn’t detract from the overall ambience of your reception. 


The perfect thing to do here is to surround your chairs with plants on all sides to create a private oasis in the middle of the celebration. This would bring exclusivity to your space but still be able to share the moment itself – all smiles and cheers with your loved ones during the ceremony.


Final Thoughts


Boho decor themed barn weddings in Florida are all about creating a relaxed and carefree atmosphere while not losing touch with the romance and intimacy of the event. You’ll need a few key elements to help set the mood, from the ceremony arch to the aisle accents, the centerpieces, seating areas, and the sweetheart table. 


Managing this, with all the other things that you have in your hands right now, would bring a LOT of stress. And attaining the perfect combinations to match your venue and ceremony is also something to think of. 


The good thing is that you can have the right elements to create an outdoor wedding full of rustic charm without even thinking about it.


If you want to get married in a genuine barn and also want your wedding day to be totally unique, then Legacy at Oak Meadows is the place for you. Plus, the boho decor can be provided by Making it Matthews, who has absolutely gorgeous and unique pieces to add to your ceremony. If you see it on Pinterest they can create it.


Sounds like a plan, right?


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