You want your wedding color theme to be perfect for your venue and align with the season, right? 


One of the most important components in determining the mood and ambiance of your wedding is the color palette. It can be challenging to choose the perfect colors, but we’ll walk you through some of our favorite combinations and help you find the perfect look for you, your partner, your venue, AND the season.


Whether you are planning a Florida barn wedding in the spring, summer, fall, or winter – here’s a list of color theme ideas for your special day.


Spring Wedding Color Theme: Pastel Colors

Spring Wedding Color Theme


Spring weddings are perfect for those who love the vibrancy of life – and if you’re planning to get married during springtime, you’ll want to be sure that your wedding colors reflect this energy. 


In these spring months, nature is blooming, and all around you are shades of pink and yellow, green and blues. Take this inspiration and use it to create a soft, feminine palette for your barn wedding. Try using pastel hues like light pink, light blue, light green, or peach as accents in your decorating scheme. Use blush as an accent color and contrast against darker tones like black or deep purple.


Summer Wedding Color Theme: Bright Colors

Summer Wedding Color Theme


Summer is all about boldness and fun. When summer rolls around, you can’t help but feel energized by the sunshine and warm weather—and your wedding should reflect that! This is why it is not hard to see why the most popular color themes of summer weddings are bright and bold.


Yellow can be used in flower arrangements as an accent color or as the main focal color in table settings. You can also go for orange or lime green paired with white linens and pale pinks or blues; these will look great in creating a fun atmosphere that will make everyone smile. You can also add some metallic touches with silver or gold accents if you want the look to be even more festive.


Fall Wedding Color Theme: Rustic Colors

Fall Wedding Color Theme


It’s fall – and nothing says autumn-like rich colors with earthy hues such as brown, red, burgundy, deep emerald green, or hunter green paired with gold accents like candles, flowers, and tableware. This would evoke thoughts of beautifully colored leaves swaying through the wind to the ground, cozy sweaters, and comfort by the fire. 


These tones will complement any fall landscape and really put you in that “fall” state of mind even in Florida. Most importantly, they’ll look beautiful against natural wood colors like those found in most barns.


Winter Wedding Color Theme: Vivid colors

Winter Wedding Color Theme


If you’re having a winter wedding, you can definitely incorporate the colors of the holiday, which are red and green. To hold a unique accent, why not mix it up with blue, purple, and pink, as well? You can combine them to create magical tones and result in an enchanting wedding decor theme. 


The most popular decors are red velvet bows and green garlands, but if you want something more subtle, you can also use a combination of silver and gold tones instead. These colors will help keep things festive without being too overbearing and still be elegant.


Final Thoughts

Wedding color themes are important because they set the tone for your big day. Your colors should reflect who you are as a couple and still match your venue. So choose wisely, and make sure your wedding is an event for the books for everyone attending!


In this article, we’ve taken a look at some of our favorite color palettes for Florida barn weddings. We hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration for your big day! 


The barn at Legacy at Oak Meadows is an elegant venue for your wedding day, and we want to help you make sure that every aspect of your day is as beautiful and unique as you are. We’ve gathered some of our favorite color schemes to inspire you as you decide how to decorate your space and make it truly yours.


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