It’s time to start planning the wedding day. One thing you don’t want to forget is taking photos during different parts of the day.  So I pulled out some of the top photo ideas for barn weddings so you can make your shoot list.


If you’re planning on having your ceremony at a barn venue, then you’re in luck! Barns are naturally rustic and gorgeous, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time and money on extra items to get stunning images. All you have to do is take full advantage of all the natural rustic settings in the venue. 


Here are some photo ideas to help you make the most of your barn wedding venue:


Photo Ideas: Strike a Pose by the Barn Doors


Photo Ideas


 The barn doors are a fantastic backdrop for photos, and they’re one of the first things you see when you pull up to our venue. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your venue and what makes it unique.


Outside, you can make use of the natural light gleaming all over your smiling faces to reflect the joy of this memorable day. And on the inside, the natural cracks this barn door has can let in cinematic beams of light, making the interior dramatic and a perfect venue for a photo op.


Photo Ideas: Have fun with the Rustic Swings


Photo Ideas Rustic Swings


Get photos on the swings – they are an excellent place for couples to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your beautiful day, and they will be a great addition to your photos. They are perfect for taking pictures with your bridesmaids or groomsmen and snapping some fun selfies!


 It is also a great location for pictures if you have any of the younger children at the wedding ceremony. They’ll be too busy having fun to realize that they’re also helping you get some great family shots!


Photo Ideas: Capture intimacy at the sweetheart table


Photo Ideas Sweatheart Table


If there’s one thing that can make any wedding more classic than it already is, it’s a sweetheart table. 


This is where you and your partner will be sitting during the ceremony, so it’s a special moment you’ll want to capture. It’s a beautiful spot where you can get an intimate shot with your partner right after saying your vows or even before if you’re going to get some pictures done beforehand.


Photo Ideas: Head over to the pond

Photo Ideas


The water over the pond adds such a peaceful element to any photoshoot, especially when combined with the rustic charm of a barn venue. The ponds are an excellent place for photos of nature and adventure-loving couples.


Take advantage of the open setting and get creative with your shots and the natural setting!


Photo Ideas: Add to the aesthetic with a vintage car


Photot Ideas Vintage Car


The barn is the perfect backdrop for a classic car. Make yourself feel like being in a movie by leaning over or getting in an actual vintage car. You’ll get a picture that looks like it was shot back when times were simpler but still has all the romantic charm of a modern wedding.


Your wedding party guests will be decked out in their best suits and dresses, which would definitely suit a vintage car. The car will give your photos an extra dose of charm and nostalgia while also adding height to your photos to capture the barn’s beautiful architecture in the background.


Photo Ideas: Schedule a photo op during sunset


Photo Ideas Sunset


One of the best times for photos is when the sun is setting. The light will be warmer and softer, which will make your photos look amazing. And because the light changes so quickly during this time, you should schedule your photo op before sunset—so you’ll have plenty of time to get lots of beautiful shots while the light is still good.


The barn is located in a beautiful part of Florida, and as the sun sinks below the horizon, its rays will light up the sky in a way that can’t be replicated by artificial lighting. You’ll get some really beautiful pictures out of this!


Photo Ideas: Capture plenty of overhead shots


Photo Ideas


Taking overhead shots is a great way to showcase the entire space of your wedding venue. This gives photographers a unique opportunity to capture beautiful images from above that are unlike any others.


Try enhancing the shot by using the natural light from the windows and skylights within the barn. 


Get creative with overhead shots by looking at them from different angles and perspectives. Take advantage of all of the unique elements that make up your barn venue—you’ll be amazed at the results!


Photo Ideas: Take advantage of the natural rustic settings


Photo Ideas


Barns are known for having beautiful woodwork and old-timey décor—so take advantage of it!


Your wedding venue is already naturally rustic. With that, you don’t need extra props. Just have fun with it and try getting shots of yourselves in front of hay bales, wooden crates, or other things that make the place unique. 


Photo Ideas: Explore the Whole Barn


Photo Ideas Sparkler Exit


Take advantage of the whole barn and not just the ceremony area. The whole barn is yours for the wedding day, so explore all of its nooks and crannies.


There are so many angles in a barn. You can get a photo looking out over the crown from up high or an angle that shows off an interesting bit of woodwork as a foreground. Think about what makes this place unique and use that inspiration on how and where to shoot it.


Final Tip


Finally, remember that there are many more ways to incorporate photography into your wedding day. In hiring a professional photographer, make sure that they understand what kind of style and tone you would want the photos to be in. You’ll want them to have all the same rustic charm and beauty that you envision right from the start!


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