A wedding is the social event of the year for guests — and brings a lifetime of memories to the newlyweds. With such pressure on you to plan something unforgettable, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the planning process. 


As venues for wedding reception locations continue to grow, more and more couples are exploring their options. Whether you’re planning a large-scale event or a small gathering and want to keep things intimate, there are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect venue. 


Each offers something unique; however, barn wedding venues are very popular, and it’s all because of multiple reasons. This is why many couples turn to barns as a perfect venue for their big day. As a result, more and more couples choose barns over ballrooms for their wedding reception and ceremony. 


To help you understand the positives of a barn venue we’ve outlined some advantages of choosing a barn venue as your wedding space. Florida barn weddings have benefits that seem so obvious once someone points it out to you.


Barn Venue vs Ballroom Venue


While they may appear similar, ballrooms and barn venues are very different in many ways. Continue reading to learn more about why picking a barn as your venue would be a top choice!



Legacy at Oak Meadows can hold large numbers of guests, indoors and outdoors.  Space is a huge consideration when it comes to picking the right venue.  A barn venue like Legacy at Oak Meadows does not have a shortage of it.


Which gives you plenty of options when it comes to your ceremony and reception to incorporate fun vendors like a mobile bar or bring in fun outside seating for your guests during cocktail hour.


With a Ballroom you are pretty much limited to the main room making it difficult to incorporate any outside features at all.  This also directly affects the vendors you use for your wedding.


Ambience and atmosphere


Barn Venue


Barns can easily be rustic or luxurious, while ballroom venues typically follow the design and decor already there. At Legacy at Oak Meadows, we understand that the atmosphere of your event is just as important as the space available. 


It is perfect for letting your inner romantic come out and play. From the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll feel the love in the air.


The atmosphere is about more than just the look and feel of a venue. It’s about the feeling you get when you step inside, what you can smell and the sounds you hear. It’s about the energy and emotions present when you visit a venue. 


What it’s all about is creating the perfect moment and connecting with the person you’re with and the person you’d like to be with in the future.


Natural Barn Venue Photo Spots


Barn Wedding


A barn venue is an excellent choice if you want to capture stunning photos on your wedding day. The open and natural surroundings give you plenty of authentic backgrounds and photo opportunities. 


At Legacy at Oak Meadows, you can head outside and walk around the property to find the perfect spot for your photos. Beautiful oak trees, a pond, and all-natural surroundings make Legacy’s outdoor ceremony location ideal for weddings.


You can also easily find photo spots inside the barn venue if you want to include some indoor photos in your photo collection. It’s also easy to add some rustic and timeless touches to your wedding day by repurposing items found on the property.


When it comes to taking photos, barns are perfect for any couple who wants to showcase the beauty of nature in their photos. Near the end of the day, you can use a gorgeous sunset as part of your photos.


Learn more about the beautiful natural settings you may utilize as a backdrop for your photography in Legacy at Oak Meadows by checking out this blog post.


Flexibility with Vendor Choices


Barn Wedding

The Floridian Mobile Bar


When choosing your vendors for your wedding day, flexibility is key. You want to work with vendors who are open-minded and can easily adapt to whatever your vision for the day is. 


If you choose a venue that only works with specific caterers, florists, etc., you may be limiting your options. 


Legacy at Oak Meadows offers the flexibility to work with most vendors as it’s open to all types of vendors, including the caterer of your choice. The goal is to create your vision not have your vision created by the venue.


Customizability Of A Barn Venue


Barn Wedding


If you want to add extra personal touches to your big day, a barn venue is easy to decorate and repurpose, especially Legacy at Oak Meadows.


You can go rustic, vintage, or even add pops of color to really make the space your own. You can bring in any type of décor and change things up as much as you’d like. 


A barn venue is ideal for hosting your wedding if you’re looking to add some handmade touches. Things like a wooden arbor or barn wedding sign, an heirloom cake stand, or a rustic bouquet with wildflowers are easy to DIY.  A barn venue really is your canvas to be creative with.


Rich Heritage and History


Barn Wedding


At Legacy at Oak Meadows, we know that your wedding day is about more than just the two of you. It’s about family, friends and history. That’s why we’ve set up our venue to be an extension of your home—a place where everyone can come together and celebrate in a warm, inviting atmosphere.


It’s a space with a rich history, a rustic charm, and plenty of character. It’s also more authentic than being surrounded by the same modern decor at every venue. 


A barn represents tradition, nature, and heritage. It’s the perfect place for a rustic or vintage wedding or intimate and eclectic nuptials.


One of the best things about choosing a barn for your wedding reception is the fresh air and natural light that come with it. Many barns have large, open windows that let in plenty of light, while their high ceilings make the room feel even more spacious and airy.


Uniqueness Of A Barn Venue


Barn Wedding

Making It Matthews


Ballrooms often have set décor and catering menus that guests have very little choice over. They can be quite restrictive, which isn’t ideal for couples who want to create a unique and memorable event for themselves and their guests. 


The ballroom setting often isn’t unique and may have been used by countless couples before you. Making it really just feel like a wedding factory rather than a place to celebrate your unique love and union as one soul.


Many couples choose a barn for its rustic charm and ability to create a custom event. There are many different types of barns, and you can choose one that is both functional and beautiful.




There’s no doubt that ballrooms are beautiful. But there are a lot of hidden costs that come with using a ballroom as your venue.


Ballroom venues are great if you want something elegant and fancy—but they come with high food and beverage minimums that can make them cost-prohibitive for many couples. 


On the other hand, Barn venues offer more flexibility in terms of pricing and options for your guests’ meals. They also provide an opportunity for more creativity when it comes to decorating your space.


Final Thoughts


Looking for Florida wedding venues?


The first time you step into the Florida barn at Legacy at Oak Meadows, you’ll immediately feel a sense of peace and calm. The smell of fresh-cut grass and the sound of birds chirping will wrap you in a blanket of serenity.


You’ll also be struck by how beautiful everything is. The barn is an architectural masterpiece—a modern take on the old English tradition of building with wood, stone, and slate.


We know how important your wedding day is, so we work hard to ensure it’s everything you want it to be—and more! There’s also a space where everyone can relax, unwind, and enjoy themselves as they wait for their big moment on stage. From our private bridal suite to our spacious cocktail area and outdoor lawns, Legacy at Oak Meadows offers couples everything they need for a memorable celebration!  So, let’s make the right choice for your wedding and select a venue that not only allows you to fully make it your own, but believes in the sacrament of marriage.  Legacy at Oak Meadows is looking forward to being the start of your own legacy.


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