Having an outdoor wedding ceremony is one of the top prefered ways to celebrate the start of your journey together as one.  With that being said there are some things you want to be aware of when picking the right location to host your outdoor wedding ceremony.  We have highlighted some of the most overlooked areas that can potentially take away from the beauty of the ceremony, and how Legacy at Oak Meadows makes it so easy to host your outdoor wedding ceremony.


We are sure you are aware of all the reasons why a beautiful outdoor wedding is a perfect choice for you and your partner. Everyone dreams of a fairytale wedding, and the dream often involves lush green lawns, a relaxing countryside breeze, blue skies, and sunshine. 


For a Florida outdoor wedding ceremony, you need to consider all the elements that come along with it, and there are several things you need to consider in planning your venue. These events require A LOT of planning to ensure they go off without a hitch, and Legacy at Oak Meadows has already done all the hard work for you!


Here is how you can pull off a perfect outdoor wedding ceremony that is as memorable as it is beautiful:


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony: Having electricity


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony


Nothing kills the romance of a wedding faster than realizing you don’t have proper electricity to the ceremony site, and now have to have extension cables running everywhere.  Not a pretty look!  So, make sure you have a separate source of electricity for any equipment you need to facilitate the ceremony, like speakers for the DJ, microphones for the officiant, a podium for the vows and so on.


The same goes for any special lighting you might want to highlight areas of the site. Outdoor spaces can be very dark at night, and any areas that you want to be illuminated need to have their own power source, so they don’t create a power shortage for the rest of the venue.


For this issue, the Legacy at Oak Meadows is a perfect solution. Here, you won’t have to worry about the ceremony site because the venue has designated outlets and electrical for the area where the ceremony will be held.


Having a Plan B due to the Weather


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony


The weather is always unknown. You can do everything right, but Mother Nature might not cooperate. Even if you’ve carefully selected the date with an eye toward the weather forecast, sometimes you’ll have to make a last-minute switch to Plan B due to uncooperative weather. To ensure you’re prepared for anything, you should have a backup plan for each aspect of your outdoor wedding.


Prepare a backup plan that involves shifting the ceremony indoors in the event that there is a chance of rain or if the weather prediction calls for temperatures that are either too high or too low. If the weather is unfavorable, Legacy at Oak Meadows can hold ceremonies in the barn or beneath the sawgrass pavilion, freeing you from anxiety or concern.


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony: Access to Bathrooms



You can have the perfect outdoor wedding, but you must ensure your guests are comfortable. Part of that considerations is access to a bathroom. Nobody likes an awkward bathroom situation, or one that requires you to trek a half a mile to get to it.


Make sure you have easy access to restrooms to accommodate them. First, ensure signs along the entry path to let guests know the building has toilets. It is also a great place to add special touches so no matter where your guests go it is a unique and memorable expeirence.  You can put special scents, or a fun sign that goes with your theme.


Most locations require you to rent portable restrooms due to lack of outdoor restrooms, but Legacy at Oak Meadows we provide full restrooms for both men and women located very close to where the ceremony will take place. This way, you won’t have to worry about the hefty fees associated with renting restrooms.  


Use the natural surroundings to set the vibe


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony


The setting you choose for your outdoor wedding will set the mood for the entire event. The natural surroundings might enhance your outdoor wedding’s atmosphere. Depending on the mood you’re going for, you can create a romantic or lively atmosphere by using nature itself.


The outdoor ceremony location for Legacy at Oak Meadows features beautiful oak trees, which provide plenty of shade for guests, and pavers, which eliminate the need to walk through the dirt. There are also rustic benches that go well with floral arrangements, a beautiful cross centerpiece, and a natural arch.


Easy for the bride to make her entrance


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony


It would be terrible if you tried to wow your guests with an elegant entrance but ended up spraining your ankle in the process. This is often an overlooked part of the ceremony.  It is important to make sure the aisle and how you get to the aisle is safe and easy to walk.  You should be able to focus on enjoying the moment and not navigating a difficult walk.


The bride cottage at Legacy at Oak Meadows opens straight up to the paver aisle, which leads directly to the location where the wedding will take place. Therefore, it will not be difficult for the bride to make an elegant entrance to the wedding.


Think about your guests


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony


All of the marvelous things nature offers will be available to your guests at your outdoor wedding site. But they’ll also have to deal with the challenges of doing so. Make sure that where you have your guests seated is not only going to look good, but provides the most comfort while they are enjoying your ceremony.


If the weather prediction calls for a drop in temperature, be sure to provide some fun blankets that match your theme for your guests. Or if you are having your wedding during a hotter month it is a nice touch to provide personal fans to break some of the discomfort for your guests.


Legacy at Oak Meadows also believes it would be a wonderful touch to have some refreshments prepared while guests arrive at the ceremony. Bug bites may also be an issue for most outdoor locations especially in Florida.  But not for Legacy at Oak Meadows.  We make sure to spray for mosquitoes and bugs with an aerial sprayer prior to every wedding.  Nobody wants uninvited guests showing up and distracting from the beautiful ceremony unfolding.


If you are looking for a property capable of accommodating all of that, Legacy at Oak Meadows is an excellent choice to consider.


Legacy at Oak Meadows is the ideal location for anyone looking for a space that combines natural surroundings, a rustic farm atmosphere, and contemporary convenience for their Florida outdoor wedding ceremony. Because it won’t take much to spruce up the location of the wedding, the bride and groom can also save money on decorations and floral arrangements.


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